Algonquin Provincial Park

(The oldest and the most famous provincial park in Ontario)


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)

Over 7500 square Km conservation area, containing forests, rivers and thousands of lakes, is located in south central part of Ontario, just around three hours drive from Toronto.



01-Algonquin park gate.JPG 02-.JPG 03-Canoe lake in Algonquin park Ontario.JPG 04-Canoe lake.JPG 05-Algonquin park Autumn.JPG 07-Canoe lake.JPG 08-Wavy Canoe lake in Algonquin park.JPG 09-.JPG 10-Canoe Lake in Algonquin park.JPG 11-.JPG 12-Pine trees in Algonquin park.JPG 13-Algonquin park.JPG 14-Algonquin park.JPG 15-Pines in Algonquin park.JPG 16-Algonquin park-colorful trees.JPG 17-Fall season nature.JPG 18-Algonquin park.JPG 19-Algonquin park nature.JPG 20-.JPG 21-Trees and Sky.JPG 22-Algonquin park beauty.JPG 23-Beautiful Canoe lake.JPG 24-Ducks in Algonquin park.JPG 25-Algonquin park in Ontario.JPG 26-Canoes arrivals.JPG 27-Yellowish tree.JPG 28-Dead Tree.JPG 29-.JPG 30-Fall season in Algonquin park.JPG 31-Algonquin park in Ontario.JPG 32-moon.JPG 33-Algonquin evening.JPG 34-Trees and Sky.JPG 35-Algonquin park evening.JPG

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