April-September 2010 Photos


Different Occasions:

01-Hanif and Fatemeh Firsts of spring.JPG02-Beside Niagara Falls.JPG03-Hanif and Niagara Falls Rainbow.JPG04-Fatemeh beside flower blooms.JPG05-Hanif around Blossomed tree.JPG06-Hanif Fatemeh Spring time.JPG07-Hanif-Fatemeh around Niagara River.JPG08-Around Queenston Heights in Niagara.JPG09-Around Cheltenham Badlands.JPG10-Party in our home.JPG11-Niloofar and Fatemeh.JPG12-Fatemeh Niloofar and Hanif in Peterborough.JPG13-.JPG14-.JPG15-in Brant Conservation Area.JPG16-in Brant Conservation Area.JPG17-with our Camry.JPG18-Hanif and Fatemeh in Rockwood.JPG19-.JPG20-.JPG21-in Houman and Mohad wedding.JPG22-in Houman and Mohad wedding.JPG23-.JPG24-Friends Gathering.JPG25-Fatemeh's Birthday.JPG26-Camping.JPG27-BBQing.JPG28-Around Sibbald Point Provincial Park.JPG29-In a Cruise.JPG30-Fatemeh.JPG31-Sina Zahra and Fatemeh.JPG32-.jpg34-Camping in Pinary Provincial Park.JPG35-.JPG36-Picnic in Rockwood-Yusof Hanif and Houman.JPG37-Hanif Fatemeh Houman Mohad Niayesh Ghazal Hanieh Yusof In Rockwood Conservation Area.JPG38-Fall season.JPG39-.JPG

Some of the above photos were taken at Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Peterborough and Rockwood.  


Niagara Falls:

The below photos were taken from Skylon tower, in the Canadian side of the falls.

03-American Niagara Falls in April.JPG04-Niagara Falls in spring.JPG05-Canadian Niagara Falls.JPG06-Canadian Niagara Falls behind the rainbow.JPG07-Rainbow.JPG

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10-Laura Ingersoll Secord Memorial at Queenston Heights Park.JPG11-Queenston Heights Park.JPG13-Brock's monument.JPG15-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG16-Brock's monument in Niagara.JPG17-Brock's monument winter time.JPG23-Brock's monument in Niagara Area.JPG24-Brock's monument-Queenston Heights.JPG

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