August 2005



August was a busy and wonderful month for me. I did my master defense and I did the paper works for my master graduating. I had several trips to Toronto to find a place there and do the official works of registration for my PhD. I bought a car (Toyota Camry) at the firsts of month after months of searching and my parents came here to visit me just the day after my thesis defense. It was a great chance for us to be together with my parents after my thesis defense. You can find photos about different outdoor activities here. In most of the photos we and my parents were together. In compare with the previous month, fortunately the weather was cooler in August. You can find photos about African Lion Safari, Rockwood and Toronto. Beside this, you can find the photos about our town-trips and going to Pearson International Airport.



Toronto I


African Lion Safari


Guelph: University of Guelph-Downtown-York Park




CN Tower


Pearson Airport