Typical Canadian Meals & Foods


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)

Most of Canadian (Referring to the English spoken part of Canada) and American meals can be considered as international meals, which are served in many other countries also, and most of these meals have either Italian or Greek origin. There are a few true Canadian  and American meals, which are typically served in special occasions such as Thanksgiving. Generally the main difference between these meals and Middle eastern and Asian meals are: like most of European meals, different kinds of cheeses are used in many Canadian meals; potato is one of the main ingredients of these meals; except some of the originally Greek meals, rice is not the main ingredient of the dishes; they are not typically spicy. In French Canadian cuisine, in addition to some of the popular meals of the rest of Canada, one can find several meals of French cuisine.


02-Sheppard Pie.html08-Good Burger.html09-Meat soup.html10-Sandwich.jpg11-Beef-Mashed Potato.html12-.html13-Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.html14-Main Course Steak.html15-High Class Main Course Dinner.html17-Mashed Potato with Gravy and Steak.html19-Meat Pie.jpg20-Turkey dinner.html21-Chicken Salad Cesar.html24-Tuna sandwich.jpg25-Bacon-Cheese-Chicken sandwich.html26-formal party appetizer.jpg27-High class main course.html28-Chicken dish.jpg38-Chicken wings.html39-Chicken wings dish.jpg48-Thanksgiving turkey dinner.jpg54-Steak.jpg28-Steak-Mushroom-Sandwich.JPG31-chips and fish.JPG18-Steak.JPG19-Juicy Steak.JPG05-.JPG12-Steak-Cheese-Potato.JPG14-Steak Dish.JPG

34-French Cuisine-Quiche.jpg35-French meal-Cheese ham sandwich.html37-Mussels dish.html


Breakfast Meals

While typically most of people in Canada have small breakfasts during the weekdays (because of the mornings rush), if they have enough time, e.g., on the weekends, they will have a delicious and complete breakfast using egg, jam, omelet, ham and etc. In the below photos, I put a few photos from these breakfasts, which are served in the restaurants from morning till afternoon and in some restaurants during all the day.

03-Chocolate Cake.html07-Sweet Desserts.html29-Dessert.html30-Cheesecake with strawberry.html32-Ice cream.html36-Rich fruit cake.html40-jelly-Cream.html49-Thanksgiving dessert-Pumpkin pie.html

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