Cuba Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)



04-Art works in Old Havana.JPG07-Hostel Valencia La Habana.JPG10-Political books in Old Havana.JPG11-Traditional Dress.JPG14-Large Statue of Jesus across the harbour of Havana.JPG16-Ernest Hemingway photos-Havana.JPG18-Old houses in old Havana.JPG20-Wall in Old Havana.JPG26-roof of Catedral de San Cristobal de La Havana.JPG27-door of Cathedral of Havana.JPG28-Catedral de San Cristobal de La Havana.JPG31-Museum in Havana.JPG35-.JPG38-Saturday market in Habana.JPG41-San Cristobal Cathedral.JPG43-El Morro Castle Habana.JPG46-Beautiful Building in Havana.JPG47-Cuba Ministry of the Interior-che Guevara picture.JPG48-Revolution Square and the Jose Marti Memorial.JPG52-Old Building Havana.JPG53-Old cars Havana.JPG55-National Capitol Building in Havana.JPG62-Historical Havana.JPG71-Museum of the Revolution-Fidel Castro Tank.JPG75-Old Havana.JPG76-El Morro Fortress.JPG78-El Morro Fortress.JPG82-Street in Havana.JPG83-Great Theatre of Havana.JPG85-Centro Habana district.JPG

Varadero Views

Varadero is the main tourism centre in Cuba and by having near fifty large hotels, it is one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Varadero is situated on a peninsula around 140 km east of Havana. Varadero is famous for its wonderful beaches and  its beautiful blue color sea. Varadero beaches attract near one million tourists, specially Canadians, each year.

03-club arenas blancas.JPG06-Tropical Cuba.JPG07-Varadaero Beach.JPG09-Cuba Tourists.JPG10-Varadero Touristic Areas.JPG12-Coconut Trees.JPG15-Old American Car.JPG11-Sunny Cuba.JPG21-Coconuts.JPG22-club arenas blancas.JPG13-.JPG24-Carriage in Varadero.JPG28-Varadero Sign.JPG32-Cuba Nature.JPG33-Atlantic Ocean.JPG35-Sand Foot Steps.JPG36-Beautiful Varadero.JPG41-Cuba Tropical Trees.JPG42-Blue sea north of Cuba.JPG45-Varadero Beach.JPG48-Varadero Beach.JPG53-Coconut cutting.JPG56-.JPG57-Carriage.JPG66-che guevara Picture.JPG73-Cuba Flag.JPG75-Camel in Josone Park in Varadero.JPG76-Josone Park in Varadero.JPG83-Old American Car in Varadero.JPG


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