Dundas & Hamilton Nature


Almost all of these photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Dundas is a town beside the industrial city of Hamilton. While Hamilton suffers from polluted air, Dundas has a beautiful nature, both in warm and cold seasons.



01- Tews Falls in Summer.JPG02- Tews Falls in Hamilton.JPG03-Trail to Dundas Peak.JPG04-Spencer Gorge and Webster's Falls Conservation Area.JPG05-Pink flowers.JPG06-Dundas Peak in Ontario.JPG


07-Frozen Tews Falls.JPG08-Snowy Frozen Tews Falls.JPG09-Snowy Frozen Tews Falls.JPG10-Huge Icicles.JPG11-Tews Falls in Winter.JPG12-Huge Ice structures at the bottom of the Falls.JPG13-Spikes of Ice.JPG14-Creek in winter.JPG15-Winter.JPG16-Webster's Fall Park in Winter.JPG17-Frozen Webster's Fall.JPG18-Snowy Spencer Creek.JPG19-.JPG20-Frozen Webster's Falls.JPG21-Amazing Frozen Snowy Falls.JPG22-Spencer's Falls in winter.JPG23-Icy nature.JPG24-Gorgeous Falls.JPG25-Spencer Gorge.JPG26-Water Ice Snow.JPG27-White Winter.JPG28-Shinny spikes of ice.JPG29-Ice flower.JPG30-Winter Trail.JPG31-Amazing Hamilton Falls.JPG32-Snowy Frozen Falls.JPG33-Webster's Falls.JPG34-Winter.JPG35-Spencer Gorge and Webster's Falls Conservation Area.JPG36-Stairs.JPG




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