Great Fresh Water Lakes of North America

from Ontario side

(Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario and Georgian Bay)

These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)


Great Lakes of North America (The Laurentian lakes) contain near 20% of all the earth fresh water. Except Lake Michigan, which is located completely inside the USA, all other great lakes of north America are shared between Ontario and the USA. These lakes have the largest source of freshwater on the earth and they are connected to each others. The water at first goes from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan,  Lake Huron and Georgian bay and then from Lake Huron to Lake Erie and later through the Niagara river, the water passes to Lake Ontario. Finally through the St. Lawrence river, water goes from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic ocean. The north and east sides of Lake Superior and Lake Huron is located inside Ontario. Georgian Bay as a part of Lake Huron is located completely inside Ontario. The north sides of Lakes Erie and Ontario is located inside Ontario also. 


Lake Superior

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Lake Huron and Georgian Bay

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Lake Erie

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Lake Ontario

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