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Nowadays many chain stores give a service to their customers in which they can design their own greeting cards by using their own photos and their own texts. I made this page for the people who are looking for the high quality free photos in the internet. You can use these photos to design your own postal card or E-card. Most of these photos are taken from Canadian cities and the amazing nature of Canada.





Quebec City


  09-Quebec city ramparts.html12-Quebec City in Summer.html16-National Assembly of Quebec.html19-statues National Assembly of Quebec.html20-Quebec parliament.html 21-National Assembly of Quebec.html25-Quebec city ramparts.html28-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.html30-Saint Lawrence river.html34-Quebec city ramparts night.html50-Chateau Frontenac-Quebec City.html57-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.html60-Beaver.html66-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.html81-Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City at night.html






Guelph City



Niagara Area



Halifax, Nova Scotia

16-The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.html19-Halifax Harbour.html 20-Halifax Harbour.html27-Halifax harbour.html71-Halifax Harbour.html101-Seabirds.html 102-Cruise.html47-Moose danger Nova Scotia.html



Georgian Bay & Around

Elora Gorge Conservation Area




Maple Leaf



Manhattan-New York



Cambridge-Boston (Including Photos from MIT & Harvard)

Buffalo New York



Canada Photo Gallery  (Archive of Links)

Picture Gallery




If you want to use any photos for your website, you should give photo courtesy by giving link to this page. To find more contact me.


Updated 10/17/2008