Kebabs or Kababs

  کباب ها


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif).

Chelo Kebab (Rice with Kabab) is the main Iranian meal that is served in Persian restaurants. Iranians make Kebabs in a variety of different styles and tastes, which can hardly be seen in any other cuisine. From soft Kebabs, such as Koobideh (minced meat Kebab), to kind of pure meat kebabs, such as Chenjeh (Lamb Chop Kebab) can be found in colorful Persian cuisine. Beside meat, the main common ingredient of most of these Kebabs is onion and these Kebabs always are combined with BBQ tomatoes. It should be mentioned that some of these Kebabs are shared with some other middle eastern cuisines such as Turkish cuisine or central Asian or Greek cuisines.



Kebab Koobideh or Kabab Koobideh (Minced meat Kebab):  Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III    

This amazing soft Kebab is a real Persian Kebab, which many people believe that its current recipe belongs to a Persian king who lived near 200 years ago. In comparison with many other Persian Kebabs, making this Kebab needs less meat and therefore it is cheaper. While it is not very common, it is possible to use ground chicken meat instead of ground beef.

06-Kebab Koobideh.JPG04-Persian Kebabs.JPG23-Koobideh.JPG



Kebab e Barg  or Chelo Barg (Filleet Kebab): Recipe I , Recipe II, Recipe III  

Kebab Barg and Kebab Koobideh are the most famous Persian Kebabs. Kebab Barg is kind of similar to steak and like steak it is not soft and most of its taste come from the meat.

 چلو کباب برگ

Kebab Soltani  (Combination of Kebab e Barg & Koobideh

"Soltan" means King in Persian language. This dish of Kebabs is the combination of the most famous Persian Kebabs, Koobideh and Barg.

  چلو کباب سلطانی

Joojeh Kebab (BBQ chicken): Recipe I, Recipe II                                 

This Kebab is almost the same as BBQ chicken, except that the chickens are marinade with mainly onions and saffron. It is very typical that a few half tomatoes are barbequed along the chickens. While it is not very common, fried barberries can be added to the plain rice.

چلو جوجه ، جوجه کباب

10-Joojeh Kebab.JPG1-Joojeh-Kebab.JPG

Turkish Kebab or Shawarma

Typically known as Shawarma in the western countries, is one of the popular Kebabs in Iran, which is known in Iran as Turkish Kebab. This Kebab typically is not served with rice and it is not a common meal in high class restaurants in Iran.

     کباب ترکی یا شاوارما


It is just the mixture of two kebabs, Koobideh and Joojeh.

کوبیده جوجه

Kebab Bolghari  

کباب بلغاری

Chenjeh Koobideh (Lamb Chop Kebab) : Recipe

Chenjeh is kind of pure meat Kebab and therefore it is very similar to western steaks. Unlike most of Persian Kebabs, onion is not used in this Kebab.  In some of the the below photos, you can see the combination of Kebab Chenjeh and Kebab Koobideh.

 کباب چنجه

11-Kebab Chenjeh.JPG08-Kebab Chenjeh.JPG


Kebab Barreh (Lamb Kebab): Recipe

کباب بره



Kebab Torsh (Sour Kebab): Recipe

Like many other meals from northern Iran, the pomegranate paste is used in this Kebab and this is the main difference between this Kebab and the above Kebabs. 

کباب ترش

Kebab Maahi (Fish Kebab)

کباب ماهی

Jigar (lamb liver)


Barreh (Lamb)


Sofreh Irani

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