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Iranian cuisine is rich in having a variety of colorful and tasteful stews, which are typically served with plain rice. There are some similarities between Persian stews and Indian cuisine stews, however Iranians generally use less spices than Indians in their stews. Generally, the cooking of Persian stews is time consuming and it is very hard to make one in less than an hour.

 Gheymeh (or Split-pea Lamb Stew) Bademjan (eggplant):   Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III  

Gheimeh is one of the most famous Persian stews, which is typically served with thin French fries or fried eggplants. If it is combined with eggplants, it is called Gheimeh Badenjan. Gheimeh is one of the most popular Iranian stews that is served in many religious occasions such as Moharram. 

 خورشت قیمه ، خورشت قیمه بادمجان

Khoroshte Fesenjoon (or Pomegranate-Walnut Stew): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

It is one of the richest (high calorie) Persian stews and it can be cooked to have either sweet-sour or sour taste. The main ingredients of this stews are walnut & pomegranate paste. In comparison with most of other Persian stews, the cooking is time consuming and the chicken should be used instead of meat.  It should be mentioned that Iranian stews typically do not have a sweet taste and Fesenjan is one of the rare ones that can be sweet. This stew and most of the other meals that are cooked by pomegranate paste have a northern Iran origin.

Khoroshte Ghorme Sabzi (Fresh Herb & Lamb Stew): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III      

While  it is one of the most famous Persian stews, the cooking of this stew is not easy. This stew is rich in vegetables and while typically meat is one of its ingredients, it can easily be cooked without meat for vegetarians also.

خورشت قرمه سبزی

Khorosht Karafs  (Celery Beef Stew): Recipe I, Recipe II

It is one of the Persian stews that is rich in low-calorie fiber. It can be cooked by either meet or chicken.

خورشت کرفس

Khoresht Bamiyeh (Okra Tomato Stew): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

It is one of the southern Iran meals, which is kind of similar to eggplant stew.

  خورشت بامیه



Khoresht Porteghal (Orange Stew): Recipe

This stew is not a typical Persian stew and it is one of the rare ones, however it has a wonderful taste.

خورشت پرتقال

Khoresht Kaari (Curry Stew) : Recipe

This Indian stew is one of the rare hot stews in Persian cuisine. 

خورشت کاری

Khoresht Aloo (Prune Stew): Recipe  

This stew like Fesenjoon has a sour-sweet taste and its main ingredients are prunes and chicken.

خورشت آلو

12-Khoresht Aloo.JPG

Khoresht Aloo-Esfenaj (Prune & spinach Stew): Recipe I  , Recipe II , Recipe III

This stew is very similar to the above stew, except that beside Prune stew ingredients, spinach is used in it also.

خورشت آلو اسفناج

Boz Ghormeh : Recipe I

This meal is one of the famous meals of Kerman, which is located in the central part of Iran.


Khorosht Ghooreh


خورشت غوره


Khoroshte Gooshte Morgh (Chicken Stew)

Typically the mixture of chicken with fried onions, mushrooms, tomato paste or saffron and some other vegetables is called Chicken stew, however it does not have a unique recipe.

خورشت مرغ

Khoraak Zaban (Beef tongue stew): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

خوراک زبان

15-Khorak Zaban.JPG25-Khorak Zaban-Cow tongue meat dish.JPG22-Khorak Zaban-Cow tongue meat dish.jpg

Khorak Mahicheh: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

خوراک ماهیچه

34-Khorak Mahicheh.JPG

Different kinds of Khoreshts



 Shomali Meals (North of Iran meals) Gilaki or Mazandarani Meals

Mirza Ghasemi (eggplant, tomato and egg stew): Recipe I, Recipe II

This stew can be served either by bread or rice and it is almost the most famous northern Iran dish.

میرزا قاسمی



Baghla Ghatogh (Broad Bean Stew): Recipe I,  Recipe II, Recipe III

It is one of the most famous meals of northern Iran. Since no meat is used in this stew, it can be used for vegetarians.

باقلا قاتق

31-Baghala ghatoogh.JPG


Khoresht Anar or Anarbij (Pomegranate Stew): Recipe I, Recipe II

Such as many other northern Iran meals, pomegranate is one of the main ingredients of this stew.

انار بیج  یا  خورشت انار

Khoresht Morgh Torsh (Sour Chicken): Recipe I, Recipe II

مرغ ترش


Sofreh Irani

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