Kortright Centre for Conservation Views


All of these photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

This 325 hectares beautiful conservation area is located just a few minutes drive at north west of Toronto (almost inside GTA). This park is famous for its Maple Syrup festival during March and April.


01-.JPG02-Fall season in Kortright centre.JPG03-Fall season in Toronto.JPG04-Beautiful colorful trees.JPG05-.JPG06-.JPG07-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG08-Tall trees at Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG09-.JPG10-Autumn.JPG11-Kortright Centre for Conservation wetland.JPG12-Threats to wetlands.JPG13-Wetland.JPG14-.JPG15-Fall season.JPG16-Yellowish Maple leaves.JPG17-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG18-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG19-Wild Mushrooms.JPG20-Beautiful Fall season in Toronto.JPG21-Tall tress at Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG22-.JPG23-.JPG24-Yellowish leaves.JPG25-Yellowish maple leaf.JPG26-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG27-.JPG28-.JPG29-Green view.JPG30-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG31-Kortright Centre for Conservation.JPG32-Maple leaves.JPG33-Orange leaves.JPG

To find more refer to Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival

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