Manitoulin Island Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Manitoulin is the largest island in a fresh water lake in the world , which is located inside Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in Ontario. To reach the island from Southern Ontario, one should use a ferry.


01-Chi-Cheeemaun ferry.JPG 02-Car and Passenger Ferry to Manitoulin Island.JPG 03-Travel to Manitoulin Island.JPG 04-Lake Huron.JPG 05-Lake Huron islands.JPG 06-Ferry to Manitoulin Island.JPG 07-Manitoulin Island from the ferry.JPG 08-Georgian Bay-Lake Huron.JPG 09-Manitoulin Island.JPG 10-Manitoulin Island.JPG 11-Manitoulin Island.JPG 12-Manitoulin Island.JPG 13-Manitoulin Island.JPG 14-Manitoulin Island.JPG

15-Manitoulin Island green nature.JPG 16-Manitoulin Island lakes.JPG 17-new born fishes.JPG 18-.JPG 19-Ojibwe cultural foundation at Manitoulin Island.JPG 20-Manitoulin Island.JPG 21-Manitoulin Island.JPG 22-Manitoulin Island Beauty.JPG 23-Kagawong-Manitoulin Island.JPG 23-Manitoulin Island.JPG 24-Kagawong Trails Midpoint.JPG 25-Butterflies.JPG 26-Kagawong trails.JPG 27-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 28-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 29-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 30-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 31-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 32-Bridal Veil Falls-Manitoulin Island.JPG 33-Bridal Veil Falls-Manitoulin Island.JPG 34-Bridal Veil Falls-Manitoulin Island.JPG 35-Kagawong plate.JPG 36-White flower.JPG 37-Kagawong-Manitoulin Island.JPG 38-Bridge from Manitoulin Island to the main land.JPG 39-Port of little Current.JPG 40-Port of little Current-Manitoulin Island.JPG

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