March 2008-September 2008 Photos



Different Occasions:

01-Elora-Gorge-Birthday party-Hanif-Sina-Zahra-Ghazal.JPG 02-Hanif Fatemeh beside Niagara Falls.JPG 03-Fatemeh-Rockwood.JPG 04-Hanif Canoeing.JPG 05-Hanif at Flowerpot Island.JPG 06-Hanif in Georgian Bay.JPG 07-.JPG 08-Beside Montmorency Falls  in Quebec.JPG 09-Hanif in Quebec city.JPG 10-Kelso Park.JPG 11-Hanif-Fatemeh-Lili-Amir.jpg 12-Prince Edward Island.JPG 13-Prince Edward Island.JPG 14-Fatemeh and Confederation Bridge.JPG 15-Fatemeh and Hanif beside the Confederation Bridge.JPG 16-Halifax Atlantic Ocean.JPG 17-Atlantic Ocean Lobster.JPG 18-At chem department.JPG 19-Maple Syrup Festival.JPG 20-Group Photo.JPG 21-Peterborough-Hanif-Fatemeh.JPG 22-Peterborough.JPG 23-Hanif is fighting.JPG 24-Fatemeh and Georgian Bay.JPG 25-Inside a ship.JPG 26-.JPG 27-Behind the Bridal Veil Falls.JPG 28-Fatemeh around Sault Ste. Marie.JPG 29-Hanif Fatemeh and Lake Superior.JPG 30-Fatemeh and Lake Superior.JPG


Atlantic Canada Attractions:

Halifax, Nova Scotia Views

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, which is one of the Atlantic Canada provinces. This touristy city has one of the busiest harbors at East of north America and it has a long history of maritime. 

03-Fall season Nova Scotia.JPG01-Nova Scotia.JPG16-The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.JPG19-Halifax Harbour.JPG71-Halifax Harbour.JPG27-Halifax harbour.JPG84-Traditional Nova Scotia cloth.JPG21-Halifax citadel.JPG87-Halifax.JPG98-Wave.JPG102-Cruise.JPG47-Moose danger Nova Scotia.JPG


Confederation Bridge

The longest bridge in Canada that connects P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) and New Brunswick.

 02-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG  23-Very long Confederation Bridge.JPG 25-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG 14-Confederation Bridge-ship.JPG


Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Views

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada. This island is the birth place of Confederation of Canada, since the meeting of Confederation (Charlottetown Conference) was held in this island in 1864.

05-Charlottetown in P.E.I..JPG08-Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.JPG  18-Huge cruise in Charlottetown.JPG27-Double Decker Bus-Charlottetown.JPG38-P.E.I. nature.JPG 44-P.E.I. farms.JPG



Ontario Attractions:

Lake Superior & Around Photos

Except Lake Michigan, which is located completely inside the USA, all other great lakes of north America are shared between Ontario and the USA. These lakes have the largest source of freshwater on the earth and they are connected to each others. The water at first goes from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan,  Lake Huron and Georgian bay and then from Lake Huron to Lake Erie and later through the Niagara river the water passes to Lake Ontario. Finally through the St. Lawrence river, water goes from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic ocean. Lake Superior is the largest and deepest lake among these famous fresh water lakes, which has a unique and untouched nature. While Ontario does not have large mountains, around lake superior one can find small mountains, hills and rocky structure.


Manitoulin-Island Views

Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a fresh water lake in the world. This island is located inside Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in Ontario.

13-Manitoulin Island.JPG15-Manitoulin Island green nature.JPG 16-Manitoulin Island lakes.JPG22-Manitoulin Island Beauty.JPG23-Manitoulin Island.JPG29-Bridal Veil Falls.JPG32-Bridal Veil Falls-Manitoulin Island.JPG40-Port of little Current-Manitoulin Island.JPG


Hilton Falls


Cobourg Views

Cobourg is a small beautiful town just 120 km far east of Toronto. In the below photos, one can find several beautiful photos from its downtown and beach during summer.


Quebec Attractions:

Quebec City Photos

The capital city of province of Quebec and one of the coldest large cities of Canada. You can find some of the oldest Canadian heritage in this beautiful city.

07-Old Quebec city.JPG21-National Assembly of Quebec.JPG20-Quebec parliament.JPG06-Cannons.JPG31-Beautiful Quebec City.JPG25-Quebec city ramparts.JPG61-Quebec city nature.JPG56-Quebec City.JPG66-Chateau Frontenac Quebec City.JPG65-Quebec city tourists.JPG34-Quebec city ramparts night.JPG81-Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City at night.JPG


Trois-Rivieres Photos

The name of this old city in French language means three rivers and it comes from the fact that the Saint Maurice river is divided into three branches when it joins the Saint Lawrence river.

 26-Old Trois Rivieres.JPG30-Trois-Rivieres.JPG06-Parc de l'Ile Saint-Quentin.JPG14-aquatic bird.JPG

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