March 2009-July 2009 Photos


Different Occasions:

01-Fatemeh-Cancun mexico.JPG02-Fatemeh in mexico.JPG03-Around cenote IK KIL in mexico.JPG04-Hanif-Fatemeh-cenote IK KIL.JPG05-Fatemeh in mexican costume.JPG06-Hanif in Chichen Itza.JPG07-Hanif-Fatemeh-ChichenItza.JPG08-.JPG09-Hanif-Fatemeh-ChichenItza Observatory.JPG10-By the Atlantic Ocean.JPG11-beside the beach in Mexico.JPG12-.JPG13-Blue ocean.JPG14-dinner in Cancun.jpg15-Amateur Ice skater.JPG16-Party in Kitchener.JPG17-Sanaz birthday.JPG18-Party in Mandarin restaurant.JPG19-Around Goderich beach.JPG20-In Stratford.JPG21-Hanif-Fatemeh in Stratford.JPG22-.JPG23-In Kawartha lakes.JPG24-Ali-Hanif-Fatemeh-Amir-Lili.JPG25-Hanif-Fatemeh-Zahra-Sina at Cheltenham Badlands.JPG26-Alireza-Hanif-Sina at Cheltenham Badlands.JPG27-Around Parry Sound.JPG28-Around Parry Sound.JPG29-Hanif-Sina birthday.JPG30-.JPG

Trip to Mexico


Cancun is one of the most famous tourist attractions for North Americans. Because of its nice hotels and resorts as well as its beautiful tropical nature, this area is a heaven for tourists of Canada and USA, specially in the winter time.

05-Cancun sea.JPG66-Cancun ocean beach.JPG67-Wavy caribbean sea.JPG71-Ocean beach.JPG72-Flying Pelican.JPG74-Wavy caribbean sea.JPG75-Caribbean sea.JPG76-Blue Caribbean sea.JPG77-Blue sea.JPG82-Cancun coast.JPG83-Relaxation by the beach.JPG84-Salty Caribbean sea.JPG13-Resort in Cancun Mexico.JPG16-Cancun beach.JPG18-Beach in Cancun Mexico.JPG51-Walking by the wavy beach.JPG

12-Cancun and Laguna de Nichupte.JPG21-Good food Cancun.JPG22-Bus stop in Cancun.JPG25-.JPG37-Tropical nature of Mexico.JPG38-Call home for tourists in Cancun.JPG42-Cancun in mexico.JPG49-Cancun hotels.JPG50-Street in Cancun.JPG52-Beautiful Cancun.JPG85-Hotel in Cancun.JPG27-Downtown Cancun.JPG31-Selling newspapers in Cancun mexico.JPG32-Water Charity.JPG33-Mexican Mezcal.JPG34-.JPG36-.JPG55-Ski jet.JPG60-Cancun Laguna.JPG61-.JPG62-Touristy Cancun.JPG63-Touristy Cancun in Mexico.JPG

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Chichen Itza:

Not so far from the beautiful Cancun resorts, one can find some of the most amazing historical structures in the world. Mayan pyramids, which belong to 900-1300 AD, can amaze anyone. Chichen Itza has many buildings and it takes time to visit all its structures. Not far from the historical part, there is a very beautiful cenote. 

20-El Castillo- Chichen Itza.JPG22-El Castillo-The Pyramid of Kukulcan Chichen Itza.JPG23-Top part of El Castillo Pyramid.JPG31-El Castillo- Chichen Itza.JPG48-El Castillo pyramid.JPG49-El Castillo in Chichen itza.JPG58-East side of El Castillo.JPG24-The Temple of the Warriors.JPG53-Temple of the Warriors-Chac Mool.JPG55-Temple of the warriors.JPG25-Platform of the Eagles and the Jaguars.JPG30-Around the Ball Court at Chichen Itza.JPG32-Temple of the Jaguar.JPG38-Carving of a ball on the wall of the Ball court in Chichen Itza.JPG39-.JPG43-Large Lizard.JPG45-The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.JPG59-The Ossuary.JPG62-Lizard at Ossario pyramid.JPG64-Ossario at Chichen Itza.JPG65-.JPG67-The Observatory Tower.JPG82-The Observatory tower.jpg73-Eglesia -Church building.JPG77-Annex of the Nunnary.JPG79-.JPG

Cenote IK KIL:

02-Mayan people home.JPG05-Beautiful Cenote IK KIL.JPG06-Cenote near Chichen Itza.JPG09-Swimming in Cenote IK KIL.JPG10-Swimming in Cenote IK KIL.JPG12-Lush vegetation.JPG13-The amazing Cenote IK KIL.JPG14-Cenote IK KIL.JPG15-Jumping in The blue Cenote IK KIL.JPG16-Swimming in the blue Cenote IK KIL.JPG

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Stratford, Ontario:

Stratford is a very beautiful, cultural city, which is located around 150km far from Toronto. This city is famous for Stratford Shakespeare festival, its wonderful restaurants, and its very beautiful parks. Its beautiful buildings and its wonderful nature beside its very nice restaurants make Stratford an ideal target for tourists. 

01-Stratford Courthouse.JPG07-Statues in Stratford.JPG08-beautiful stratford.JPG09-Stratford Courthouse.JPG10-queen's jubilee in Stratford.JPG18-Stratford Swans.JPG20-.JPG21-Black Swan.JPG24-Stratford city hall.JPG26-Stratford court house.JPG31-Stratford.JPG32-.JPG34-shakespearean gardens.JPG36-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG37-.JPG38-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG39-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG40-.JPG41-Beautiful Stratford.JPG42-Stratford Nature.JPG43-.JPG44-Stratford Ontario.JPG45-.JPG46-Stratford City hall.JPG47-.JPG48-Stratford Swans.JPG52-.JPG

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