Midland-Penetanguishene Views

These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)

Midland/Penetanguishene area is located at the southeast side of Georgian bay. This area which is less than two hours drive from Toronto has several attraction points including several conservation areas, several islands and beaches.


01-.JPG02-Penetanguishene harbour.JPG03-Penetanguishene harbor.JPG04-Around Penetanguishene in Ontario.JPG05-Road in Awenda Ontario.JPG06-Around Awenda conservation area.JPG07-Green nature.JPG08-Farlane Lake Road.JPG09-Awenda Park around midland.JPG10-Awenda Provincial Park.JPG11-Awenda park in Ontario.JPG12-Beach plants.JPG13-Awenda Provincial park.JPG14-Awenda park around midland Ontario.JPG15-Small Frog.JPG16-Awenda island.JPG17-Awenda by the Georgian Bay.JPG18-Awenda nature.JPG19-Awenda nature.JPG20-Inside Awenda park.JPG21-Trail in Awenda park.JPG22-Trees and Sky.JPG23-Green nature of Ontario.JPG24-.JPG25-Island in East side of Georgian Bay.JPG26-Georgian Bay.JPG27-.JPG28-Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario.JPG29-Balm Beach in Ontario.JPG30-Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario.JPG31-Balm Beach Georgian Bay.JPG


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