My Family



My lovely life partner, Fatemeh, did her bachelor degree in  Physics at Sharif University in the same time that I did my undergraduate studies. Later, she joined me in Guelph and she started her masters' degree at the University of Guelph. She successfully defended her masters thesis in Computational Biophysics at the Mathematics department of University of Guelph in August 2006. Since then, she has been a research assistant at the University of Guelph. You can find lots of our photos at my Picture Gallery.

 I have two great brothers, who are younger than me(26,18). 

Saeed Bayat, my great brother and friend:  He has studied dentistry in Tehran university and recently, he finished his military service as a dentist in Aug. 2007. He has done many scientific and social activities during the last years. For example, he was an organizer of the book by the name of "Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology". He is interested in daoist philosophy as well as expanding his knowledge about scientific medicine. He loves and plays "Tanbur", which is a middle eastern musical instrument. You can see Saeed picture with us, here.

Saber Bayat: Currently, he is a first year student of Industrial engineering at the University of Tehran. He just recently finished his high school studies in Roozbeh high school. He acts and thinks like mature boys and  he loves to know much about any subjects.  He is also interested in different kinds of music, astronomy and movies. You can find his picture with Saeed and I, here.

My father is a dentist, who loves his work. He has studied dentistry in Tehran university (like my brother) and he is interested in society topics. You can find his photo, here.

My mother is an active housewife, who has done university studies. Her main concern in life is her children. You can find  her photo with me, here, and her picture with us, my father  and Fatemeh's mother, here.


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