Ontario Nature Photos in Fall



These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 

One of the most beautiful aspects of Canada's Autumn is colorful maple leaves. Many believe, these colorful leaves, make the Fall season, the most beautiful season of year in Canada. It is possible to observe very colorful nature and trees during ends of September till near ends of October. During November, typically leaves do not have live colors and therefore they are not beautiful anymore.



Autumn (September -November)


Rockwood Conservation Area

You can enjoy canoeing, hiking, camping and picnicking here.


Guelph (Mostly inside the city)

  • Guelph is a small beautiful city located just 100 km west of Toronto. Guelph is famous for its beautiful and clean environment and nature.

  • Guelph City



    Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls is one of the most amazing and popular attractions of Canada and the world. Niagara Falls, which is shared between province of Ontario and the state of New York, is transferring water between lakes Erie and Ontario. It is just one and half hour drive from Toronto.

    Niagara Falls Photo Gallery



    There are lots of beautiful parks inside Toronto, such as High park & Leslie park, however in addition to these parks, one can find lots of beautiful trees, when traveling inside the city.

    Toronto Views

    Maple Leaf Photo Gallery



    Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula & Fathom Five National Marine Park

    I think, it is one the most beautiful parts of Canada and the world! Georgian bay pristine fresh water and its beautiful intact islands are the main elements of this incredible nature. It is one of the best tourism destinations for swimming, diving, photographing and hiking.

    Tobermory & Fathom Five National Marine Park Album


    Algonquin Provincial Park

    Over 7500 square Km conservation area, containing forests, rivers and thousands of lakes, is located in the southern central part of Ontario, and it is located just near three hours drive north of Toronto.

    Algonquin Provincial Park



    London is located almost 200km west of Toronto and it is accessible through highway 401. While it is the largest city after GTA (Great Toronto  Area) & Hamilton, in the south west Ontario, it has a beautiful nature and environment.

    London Photos



    Peterborough is located 150km far north-east of Toronto. By sure this city can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Ontario, which has lots of historical/natural sites. This city and its several parks look amazing during the Fall season.

    Peterborough Photos


    St. Jacobs

    It is located just near one and half hour drive west of Toronto and it is right beside Kitchener-Waterloo. This beautiful village is famous for its Mennonite heritage.

    St. Jacobs Village


    Canada Photo Gallery  (Archive of Links)

    Picture Gallery




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