Ontario Nature Photos in Winter


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 

While the very cold and long winter of Canada, generally can not be considered as an attraction, if one looks well, it is possible to find beauty in the snow and ice also. The winter is generally known in Southern Ontario from ends of November till  middle of April (near five months!)



Winter (December-March)




Toronto is one of the warmest city of Ontario, however its winter is still considered as a really cold long winter.

Toronto Views



Uxbridge is a small town, located less than 100 km north east of Toronto.  It is famous for its Skyloft ski resort.


Niagara Falls

While during Winter most of the outgoing activities are frozen in Ontario, observing white Niagara Falls can be a real fun. During January and February, the coldest months of year, the Niagara river is almost frozen and it is possible to see very beautiful ice structures beside the river. Some of these structures are made from the frozen drops of water, which arise from the bottom of Canadian Horseshoe Falls.



Niagara Area Photo Gallery

Frozen Niagara Falls



Dundas is a town beside industrial city of Hamilton. While Hamilton suffers from polluted air, Dundas has a beautiful nature.

Dundas-Hamilton Nature Photos



Guelph is a small beautiful city located just 100 km west of Toronto. Guelph is famous for its beautiful and clean environment and nature.

Guelph City Views




Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, where the Canadian parliament is located. Ottawa is placed at the border of Ontario and Quebec, far from Canada and the USA border, and it is one of the coldest capital cities of the world.

Ottawa Views

Ottawa Photos in Winter

The official website of Capital City of Ottawa



Kingston, the first capital city of Canada, is located almost in the middle of the way (highway 401) connecting Toronto and Montreal. Like Toronto, Kingston was founded beside lake Ontario, but it is completely colder than Toronto.

Kingston Photos



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