Ontario Nature Photos

in Four Seasonal Albums


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat)

All the great lakes of north America, except lake of Michigan, are shared between Ontario and the USA and all these lakes are connected to each other. The existence of these lakes is one of the main reasons behind the uniqueness and beauty of Ontario nature. Ontario has near five months of warm weather, starting from May and lasting till October. While its spring peak during May is amazing, I think the most beautiful season of Ontario is Autumn, which is happening during October and late September.







First of Spring Album (April 15th-May 20th )

While astronomically, Spring starts from March 21 and lasts for three months; in Ontario, the real Spring of nature lasts less than two months and it starts in the middle of April. It is possible to find lots of beautiful flowers and blooms in many different colors, every where, during April 15th-May15th.

The bellow photos were taken from Toronto, Toronto islands, Niagara Falls, Niagara area and Guelph.

(Sample photos of First of Spring  Album)



Spring-Summer Album (May -August)

Spring-Summer is the best time for outgoing activities and enjoying the beauty of nature. The warm weather in Ontario, starts in May and lasts till mid October, however typically people consider the summer until the end of August, when schools start their academic year. July and August are the warmest months in Ontario and it is the high season for almost all tourism activities.

The bellow photos were taken from Toronto (including Toronto Zoo), Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake, Guelph, Elora Gorge, Dundas-Hamilton, Tobermory and Georgian bay.

(Sample photos of Spring-Summer Album)





Autumn Album (September -November)

One of the most beautiful aspects of Canada's Autumn is its colorful maple leaves. Many believe, these colorful leaves, make the Fall season the most beautiful season of year in Canada. It is very possible to see very colorful nature and trees from ends of September till near ends of October.

The bellow photos are taken from Toronto, Algonquin provincial park, Tobermory, Fathom Five National Marine Park, Flowerpot island, London and St. Jacobs.

(Sample photos of Autumn Album)





Winter Album (December-March)

While the very cold and long winter of Canada, generally can not be considered as an attraction, if one looks well, it is possible to find beauty in the snow and ice also. The winter is generally known in Southern Ontario from ends of November till  middle of April (near five months!)

Bellow photos are taken from Niagara Falls, Toronto, Uxbridge, Guelph  and Ottawa.

(Sample photos of Winter Album)




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