Niagara Falls Views

Photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Niagara Falls is one of the most amazing attractions of Canada, the USA and the world. Niagara Falls, which is located at the border of the province of Ontario and the state of New York, is transferring water between lakes Erie and Ontario. Niagara Falls is not mainly famous for its height, but it is famous for its power and the incredible amount of water (average, near 2,000 cubic meters per second) that fall from it. It is just one and half hour drive from Toronto.



03-American Niagara Falls in April.JPG04-Niagara Falls in spring.JPG05-Canadian Niagara Falls.JPG06-Canadian Niagara Falls behind the rainbow.JPG07-Rainbow.JPG


20-Falls.JPG21-NiagaraRainbow.JPG22-Complete-Rainbow.JPG23-Rainbow.JPG24-NaiagaraFalls.JPG25.JPG 3-LifeinNiagaraRiver.JPG







02-American Niagara Falls in Winter.JPG10-Sunrise-Niagara-Falls.JPG11-Morning.JPG7-Winter-NiagaraFalls.JPG8-NiagaraFallsNight.JPG9-Sunrise.JPG





          Niagara Falls (February )

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