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While a few decades before, bread (Naan) was the main ingredient of Iranian meals, currently the rice is the main one, which is cooked in many different styles, colors and methods. Similar to Indian cuisine, simple rice is cooked in two steps; first rice is semi-cooked in the boiling water and then the water is drained and the rice is steamed and is cooked by hot water vapor. But what makes Iranian Polows unique, is how the rice is being mixed with different vegetables and spices.

Loobia Polo or Polow  (rice with green beans): Recipe I, Recipe II

Polo Zafarani  (rice with Saffron)

پلو با ته ديگ

06-Polo Tahdigi.JPG24-Rice.JPG

Adas Polo: Recipe I, Recipe II

 عدس پلو

Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice): Recipe I, Recipe II

Morasah Polow: Recipe I, Recipe II


Tah Cheen (Saffron Yogurt Chicken): Recipe I, Recipe II

ته چین

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi (Fresh herb rice with fish) :Recipe I , II + Recipe I

27-Sabzi polow ba maahi.JPG

Baghali Polow ba Goosht (Meaty Lima Bean Dill Rice): Recipe I, Recipe II

Shirin Polow (Sweet Rice): Recipe I , Recipe II

شیرین پلو

Albaloo Polow (Persian Rice with Sour Cherries): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

آلبالو پلو

28-Albaloo Polow-sour cherry rice.JPG

Kalam Polow (Cabbage Rice): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III, Recipe IV

کلم پلو

13-Kalam polow-Cabbage rice.JPG

Sofreh Irani

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