You can find the brief descriptions of each photo by paying attention to the names of photos



We tried to establish the ISA-UOG (Iranian Students Association of University of Guelph) by an unofficial meeting in Sep. 1. You can find some photos of the meeting and the beautiful nature of Guelph University. My friends and colleagues, Hamid, Ramtin, Babak, Peyman, Anoush are in some of the photos.


Rockwood conservation area: It is a amazing conservation area between Guelph and Rockwood. We went there with my nice friends,  Hamid, Liz, Majid and Majid, Ahmad, Babak, Mona , Sandra, Sahar, ... and some other great guys. One hour canoeing, the great weather beside wonderful barbequed meals, lots of delicious snacks and the wonderful nature made a great time for us.


Old Quebec street and River side Park in Guelph


Labor day in Canada: Walking around Wellington street, downtown of Guelph and City Hall.



In 4th photo the people who are standing are Xavier, I, Raul, Raul's wife and Belen. In the group photo (7th) I am standing beside my professor.




(A) The ISA-UoG (Iranian students of university of Guelph) was established by Hamid and I. The first 3 photos are regarding that. (B) The 4th and 5th photos are taken in the quiz room. (C) In 4th picture I was signing my TA contract.