Side Dishes & Main Dishes (without rice)

(غذاهای سبک و جانبی، غذاهای نانی و انواع پیش غذاهای ایرانی)


The photos were taken by myself (Hanif).

Nowadays, Polow (rice) is an essential part of Iranians dinner parties and it is not common that the main meal of a party comes without rice. In this page, I gathered the meals that are typically considered as side dishes in ceremonies and they are served without rice and mostly with bread. However, some of these meals are considered main meals in every day life (not in ceremonies). 


Ab goosht Dizi: Recipe I, Recipe II

Koofteh Nokhodchi- Koofteh Tabrizi (Chickpea lamb Dumplings): Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III     

کوفته نخودچی - کوفته تبریزی

Tadook Morgh-Tokhm Morgh: Recipe

تدوک مرغ و تخم ‌مرغ

Kashke Baadenjan: Recipe

کشک بادمجان

01-Kashk Bademjan-Eggplant-Whey Dip.JPG

KooKoo Sibzamini (Potato savory omelet): Recipe I, Recipe II

کوکو سیب زمینی

Pooreh Sibzamini (Mashed Potato): Recipe I, Recipe II

پوره سیب زمینی

Dolmeh or Iranian Dolmades: Recipe



Kaleh Joosh: (This meal is made in several different methods at different parts of Iran, therefore the recipes and the photos may not match)  Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III, Recipe IV, Recipe V

کله جوش

09-Kale Joosh-Kala Joosh.JPG10-Kalleh Joosh.jpg11-Kalleh Jush.JPG

Lasagna or Lasania: Recipe I, Recipe II


Salad Oliviyeh: Recipe I, Recipe II, Recipe III

سالاد الویه

23-Salad Olviyeh-Potato Salad.JPG02-Salad Olviyeh-Persian Potato Salad.jpg

Kotlet: Recipe


Gilaki-Shomali Side dishes


Ashe Reshteh or Aash Reshteh (Noodle beans): Recipe   

Ash Doogh (Yogurt soup)           

Ashe Jo or Soupe Joe (Barely Soup): Recipe

Salad Shirazi:  Recipe         


سالادهای ايرانی

Tah Dig: fried bread/rice which is made by putting bread at the bottom of the rice pot     

 ته دیگ

Iranian Appetizer: Sabzi-Torob-Piyaz  (Vegetables-Radish-Onion)

 سبزی ترب پیاز

Iranian Appetizer: Noon-Panir-Sabzi (Bread-Cheese-Vegetables)

04-Panir Sabzi-Persian Appetizer.JPG

Dough: Drink which is made by mixture of yogurt, salt and water.


Borani Esfanaj: Recipe I, Recipe II

Maast Khiyar (yogurt+cucumber) : Recipe

ماست خيار

09-Maast khiar.jpg

Maast Chekideh (Densed togurt): Recipe

12-Maast Chekideh.JPG

Zeytoon Parvardeh (Special Olive): Recipe I , Recipe II

زیتون پرورده


زيتون پرورده شيرين

Sofreh Irani

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