Snow-Ice Album

The photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

While the cold and long winter of Canada, generally can not be considered as an attraction, but if one looks well, it is possible to find beauty in snow and ice also.



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07-Frozen Tews Falls.JPG09-Snowy Frozen Tews Falls.JPG10-Huge Icicles.JPG12-Huge Ice structures at the bottom of the Falls.JPG14-Creek in winter.JPG16-Webster's Fall Park in Winter.JPG20-Frozen Webster's Falls.JPG21-Amazing Frozen Snowy Falls.JPG22-Spencer's Falls in winter.JPG23-Icy nature.JPG24-Gorgeous Falls.JPG25-Spencer Gorge.JPG27-White Winter.JPG28-Shinny spikes of ice.JPG29-Ice flower.JPG31-Amazing Hamilton Falls.JPG32-Snowy Frozen Falls.JPG33-Webster's Falls.JPG35-Spencer Gorge and Webster's Falls Conservation Area.JPG36-Stairs.JPG


       Just a few kilometers far from the city of Mississauga (part of  Great Toronto Area), one can find this beautiful conservation area as well as its beautiful falls and its water reservoir. Because of its rocky nature, some of its trails are a bit challenging. In the winter time, this conservation area is used for cross country skiing and winter picnic and because of its Hilton fall, which is partially frozen in winter, the area attracts many tourists.

01-Sun and Snow.JPG05-Snowy pine trees.JPG06-Winter life.JPG07-Glen Eden Ski resort.JPG10-Fresh snow.JPG11-Snowy Trees.JPG12-.JPG13-Snowy Trees.JPG14-Snowy Trees.JPG15-Snowy pine trees.JPG16-Snowy Trees.JPG17-Snowy pine.JPG18-Cross country ski trail.JPG19-Blue winter day.JPG20-Sun-Snow-Trees.JPG21-Hilton Falls cross country trail.JPG22-Winter.JPG23-Cross country Ski Area.JPG24-Fresh snow.JPG26-winter picnic.JPG27-River in Winter.JPG28-Frozen Hilton Falls.JPG29-.JPG30-Around Frozen Hilton Falls.JPG32-Frozen Hilton Falls.JPG33-River in winter.JPG34-Winter.JPG35-Hilton Falls conservation area in winter.JPG36-Beautiful Snowy pine leaves.JPG37-Frozen Hilton Falls.JPG38-Frozen Hilton Falls.JPG39-Pine bridal gowns.JPG40-Snowy leaves.JPG41-Pine bridal gowns.JPG42-.JPG43-Ontario winter.JPG44-winter.JPG45-Hilton Falls conservation area.JPG46-.JPG47-Life in winter.JPG48-Sun rays.JPG50-.JPG51-Snow dance.JPG52-Hilton Falls Reservoir.JPG53-Hilton Falls Reservoir.JPG55-Hilton Falls Reservoir.JPG57-Raccoon.JPG



While in the cold and long winter of Toronto, it is hard to do outdoor activities, it is fun to enjoy several festivals and events which are running around the city, specially Yorkville Icefest, which is happening in the late February. One of the most exciting programs in this event is the ice carving competition, which includes the exhibition of several ice carved statues.

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