Traditional Sofreh s

(سفره های سنتی ایران)


These photos were taken by myself (Hanif).

In this page, you can find photos taken from some of the most famous table settings of Persian culture. These settings (Sofreh) are typically used in special occasions such as Norouz (Nowruz), Yalda night and Aghd.

"Sofreh Haft Sin" or "Haft Seen Table"

It is one of the main parts of Persian New Year celebration and customs. In  "Nowruz", Persian new year holidays, people try to set this setting on their tables as a symbol of the coming new year. "Haft Seen" means seven items that are started with "S" in Persian language.

سفره هفت سین نوروز

16-Haft Sin Norouz.JPG17-Sabzeh Haft Sin.JPG18-Haft Seen.JPG19-Haft Sin Norooz.JPG29-Haft Seen Norouz.JPG30-Haft Sin Norooz.JPG01-HaftSeen.JPG02-Seven-PersianNewYear.JPG03-Seven-Items-Starting-With-S.JPG04-DivanHafez-Norouz.JPG05-Norooz.JPG06-NoroozTable.JPG07-Persian-HaftSeen.JPG08-MizHaftSeen.JPG09-Haftseen.JPG10-Norouz.JPG11-NewYear.JPG12-HaftSeen.JPG13-Spring.JPG14-PersianTable.JPG15-NewYear.JPG16-Iranian-NewYear-Decoration.JPG

"Sofreh Aghd" is part of marriage ceremony decoration

سفره عقد

Small "Yalda night sofreh"

From long time ago, Iranian people celebrate the longest night of a year, December 20,  as the birthday of "Mitra" (light symbol). From this night, days length increase and days become longer. In this night, people try to spend the night with family and friends and drink tea and have fruits such as watermelon and pomegranate.

شب یلدا

19-Yalda night.JPG07-Anar Shabe Yalda-Pomegranate.JPG

 Sofreh Khaneh Sonnati

Traditionally designed Persian restaurants are typically called "Sofreh Khaneh".

سفره خانه سنتی

All above photos were taken at Patough restaurant at 6347 Yonge Street , Toronto


Above Photos were taken at Shah Abbasi restaurant in Tehran

Sofreh Ghazayeh Irani (Iranian Dining Tables):

In Iran, such as many middle eastern and south Asian countries, people try to impress their guests by a variety of colorful meals that are set on a table or a Sofreh (the sheet that is placed on the floor).

سفره های غذای ایرانی


Sofreh Irani

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