Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula


Fathom Five National Marine Park


Almost all of these photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat).




01-Chi-Cheemaun ferry at Tobermory.JPG02-Parking lots for the Chi-Cheemaun ferry.JPG26-Around Tobermory.JPG27-Around Tobermory.JPG

11-Wrecked ship in Tobermory.JPG12-Shipwreck in Tobermory.JPG13-Old dead ship in Tobermory.JPG03-Big Tub Harbour.JPG04-Big Tub Harbour and lighthouse.JPG06-Tobermory historic lighthouse.JPG32-The historic light of big tub.JPG



14-Flowerpot in Flowerpot island.JPG15-Ontario heaven.JPG16-Rocky Beach.JPG17-Pure pristine water of Georgian Bay.JPG18-Wonderful Flowerpot Island Beach.JPG19-Flowerpot Island Beach.JPG20-Flowerpot Island beauty.JPG21-Blue color Georgian Bay.JPG22-Fathom five national marine park plate.JPG23-Rigid Inflatable Boats around Flowerpot Island.JPG25-Georgian Bay islands.JPG30-Ontario beauty.JPG31-Flowerpot and Georgian bay.JPG

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28-Bruce Peninsula at night.JPG29-Top of the tower in Bruce Peninsula.JPG

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