Toronto Festival and Events


Almost all of these photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Several festivals and events are going on inside Toronto during both warm and cold weather times. Most of the cold weather time festivals are held inside the Nathan Phillips Square, while the warm weather ones are more scattered inside the city. While it is impossible to cover all these festivals and events in one page, I have tried to gather some of the main ones while I missed a few ones, which I will try to add them later. This page is categorized to two main parts, first October-April and second, May-September.



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04-Caribana Parade.JPG07-Caribana Parade dances.JPG08-colour and pageantry at Caribana Parade.JPG10-colourful float.JPG11-Butterfly float.JPG14-Mas players.JPG15-Caribbean music.JPG17-Costumed dancers.JPG18-Crowd in Caribana parade in Toronto.JPG19-Lake Ontario.JPG20-Caribbean music.JPG22-.JPG23-Beautiful Mas players.JPG24-Caribana dancers.JPG26-.JPG27-Beautiful costumes in Toronto Caribana parade.JPG28-colourful float.JPG30-Colorful constumes of Caribana parade.JPG31-.JPG32-colourful floats in Caribana 2009.JPG33-colourful float in Toronto.JPG35-Caribana parade in Toronto.JPG36-colourful floats.JPG38-colourful float.JPG39-colourful float.JPG40-Costumed dancers.JPG42-.JPG43-Dragon float in Caribana 2009.JPG44-Caribbean dancers.JPG45-Float in Caribana festival.JPG46-Parrot float in Caribana 2009.JPG47-Bird float.JPG48-Bird float in Toronto Caribana.JPG49-Toronto Caribana crowd.JPG51-.JPG54-Caribana costumes.JPG55-.JPG56-Caribana festival.JPG58-Shinny costume.JPG

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