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or  Bugs in our Iranian culture    PDF file - html file  & my Teleconference power point file for "Tehran Center of Art & Science"

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ریشه یابی مشکلات فرهنگی جوامع ایرانی و ارایه راههای ارتقای فرهنگی و شکوفایی ایران

or "Investigating the reasons behind our cultural problems & micro and macro scale proposed solutions for these problems"

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و آنچه ما داریم

 (نگاهی تحلیلی به خصایص مثبت فرهنگ ایرانی و نقش آن در تبلور مدرنیته بومی)

or "Our cultural assets and their role in defining and developing of the local modernity"

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What are my main goals?


Like other people I feel a great pleasure when I become closer to my objectives and my goal is to enjoy my life as much as possible. But what is my enjoyment and how can I get much satisfaction from all my life? How do we define a nice and a bad behavior?

We define a positive action as an action which improves the efficiency of the society that consists of me and the others. I enjoy when I get power and give power (energy, pleasure) to other systems, I think being eternal is one of the most powerful desires in all human beings. I love to exist in other people's hearts and their minds. I want to be nearly permanent in the nature and the world around, but the question is, how I can satisfy this desire and how I can extend myself to all other systems and how I can make the world better. The goal is not just to be different, the main objective is to make difference.  

Well, the argument is about answering these kinds of questions. As a matter of fact most of philosophies claim to satisfy these questions but who knows which claim is reliable.

I think we need to know approximate reality to make better systems. I think human achieved this goal through out history and today human beings know more about the reality than their ancestor but we are still far away from the final goal. Modernism and Postmodernism are some of the most significant achievements of human beings. I think we can use two main approaches to become closer to reality:   1. Science 2. Intuition which we can get from Art and Experience.

Mathematical equations are the main and the most reliable approaches to reach the reality but the problem is that we have limitations for this method. In current time, many areas of human science are not developed  enough as we need for establishment of mathematical equations and we are so far from these goals. I am sure one day human will obtain the dynamic equations of morality similar to what Newton  found for Gravity 5 centuries ago. Complex dynamic equations of morality have been existed  since long time ago as gravity law has been existed. ( Dynamic equations not static equations! ) If we have not found the laws yet it does not mean they do not exist. For example, You can feel that every bad behavior related to Information is much worse than it was in past time or I can refer you to sexual and economical morality changes by time.  So practically we need the intuition for our objective which can be gotten from Art and Experience.

We are looking for the most efficient systems all over around. We call the point in which  the system has the most efficiency, point of harmony. You can refer to  friendship to know more about the definition of love as the most efficient point of friendship. I think we can define a nice and healthy guy as the point in which the guy has the most efficiency in the systems around him. Communication between people and education are the nice examples about finding harmony point in the society. In each good communication people try to find the best point, in which they can get the most profit . Science and Art are the best methods to reach reality and reality can tell us what  harmony is. In most of the cases we move forward to the harmony by legislation. Sometimes we call these laws by using other names such as cultures or contrasts . But all of these concepts consist of many laws. If we say our culture does not give us permission to do specific behavior ,it means that this action is against laws which guide us to harmony point.

The harmony point of one system is defined as a point in which that system is in its harmony with all its systems around. The typical example of this fact is that a nice man is defined as a person who has the most efficient relations with other systems.  To achieve this objective he should know who he is and where he is. What kinds of jobs belong to him. How he should manage his power in the way that he can get the most profits. The profit is defined as the power in which he gets and the power he gives to the society (most of the time being patient enough will provide us with the reflection of the energy which we used for the society). In order to achieve this objective we should estimate all systems' around variables to find the points near the harmony points.

Why should we give energy to other systems? Why are we responsible for other systems?

In my opinion selfishness is the most powerful power in human beings and every one is selfish in his nature. How should we manage this powerful desire to get so much satisfaction from all our desires? How can we find eternity in our life?

 In my opinion the answer is to expand our ownership to all systems around. In other way I can be more than one simple member of all surrounding systems and their affairs are relating to me. We should remember those surrounding systems are : My world, My society, My family, My university, My office, My friends, My love and MY...). In this way we can use our selfishness in an effective manner. If I become the king of one's heart or one's mind I am more than one simple person. If I manage one group well or I become the worthy member of that group I will expand myself to all that system so I am not only one. I will exist until the moment that system expires and It can be really long time. Thus you are responsible for other people and systems (Society, family, friends, ...).

Well, in this way we will achieve the point of harmony. We will meet well all our desires and we can get nice responses from our society and all systems around and the most important thing is that we will exist more than 100 years and this is valuable life!


My beliefs about the relation of Art, Science and Philosophy.


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