Confederation Bridge

The photos were taken by myself (Hanif Bayat) 

It is a 13km long bridge that connects the provinces of New Brunswick and P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island). This bridge is the longest bridge in Canada and one of the longest bridges over water in the world.


01-Confederation Bridge.JPG 02-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG 03-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG 04-New Brunswick.JPG 05-Confederation Bridge.JPG 06-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG 07-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick.JPG 08-Plate-Confederation Bridge.JPG 09-Confederation Bridge.JPG 10-on Confederation Bridge.JPG 11-Confederation Bridge from P.E.I. side.JPG 12-Confederation Bridge from P.E.I..JPG 13-Marine-Rail historical park.JPG 14-Confederation Bridge-ship.JPG 15-long Confederation Bridge.JPG 16-Confederation Bridge in a foggy day.JPG 17-Marine Rail historical park.JPG 18-Confederation Bridge from P.E.I..JPG 19-on Confederation Bridge.JPG 20-Confederation Bridge.JPG 21-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG 22-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick.JPG 23-Very long Confederation Bridge.JPG 24-Confederation Bridge.JPG 25-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG 26-Longest bridge in Canada.JPG 27-Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick side.JPG

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