About My Favorite Movies



Why I love the following movies (Comments about my love ones movies)

A Space Odyssey 2001 (1968, Director: Stanley Kubrick, website): Great story, great imagination. The best science fiction ever made. This is a really heavy movie, you should at least know a little about the story or have read the Arthur C. Clarke books in advance. Who can believe this movie was made in 1968. Great great job by Stanley Kubrick.

 The God Father: Part I (1972): You can guess why I love this movie. Great performance by both Marlon Brando and Al Pacino! The importance of family.

The shining (1980): Another great, different movie by Stanley Kubrick, who directed several really different subjects movies. This one is one of the best horror able movie which I have ever seen (or ever made). Nothing is more frightening than psycho human (not alliance or animals but human himself). Great performance by Jack Nicholson. He really deserves 3 Oscars.

 Less Miserables" (French,  1982): One of the greatest story ever written (by Victor Hugo)! I have seen several version of Less miserables and I have found this one the best among all of them. It covers the main parts of the story by excellent performance of the actors.

Dances with Wolves (1990): See the world with wider eyes. See different races by an open minded eyes. Most of the time people forget the history or they do not want to believe it. Kevin Costner did a really great job here beside his play, he use the nature as a great role in his movie. It shows the good aspects of Indians culture very well.

Ejare neshin ha" or The tenants (1990, Persian movie by Dariush Mehrjui) This is a really funny Persian movie, you should be familiar with the culture to understand what is happening there.

 Scent of a Woman  (1992): Al Pacino deserves Oscar for this movie and he got it. Experience, maturity can bring you many things. The best job is to share this experiences with others. I think the name of the movie does not cover the subjects of this movie. It is mainly about sharing the experiences between an old blind guy (Al Pacino) and a young boy in an amazing story.

Falling Down (1993): Criticizing the capitalism briefly in a movie. Michael Douglas played greatly a psycho emotional man, who is fighting with every day life.  It shows the bad effects of aloneness, losing job and lies of companies in every day life.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994): Hope is one the main essential factor of life! Great story while you can find some exaggeration in some parts of that. It shows that how one can enjoy life in the worst situations (prison in this story). We can get what we want, if we really want.

Mr. Holland's Opus (1995): Beautiful life movie! If you do well for the society you will receive it back. Family is an essential  factor of good life so keep it well. It is about the life of musician as a teacher.

The Matrix (1999): Great science fiction movie. The magic of computer in cinema. Which kind of happiness are we looking for? What is reality?

Gladiator (2000): Great adventurous movie. Russell Crowe did a really great job here (as always). One can go really up and really down in life but anyway he is the main player of his own life and he can change anything!

Beautiful Mind (2001): Really beautiful movie. You will be shocked in the End. You can't predict life. Don't forget, you should fight to win. Based on the real story of John Nash. Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly played really well in this movie as a couple.

I Am Sam (2001): One of the best passionate movie ever made! Love can give meaning to the life! This movie can touch your heart. Sean Penn played extremely well in this movie. It is about the relation between the mentally retarded father (Sean Penn) and his smart daughter. He fights to get the custody of his daughter.

Sex and Lucia or "Lucía y el sexo" (Spanish 2001):  Wow, it has a really different taste. You should check it. It is kind of heavy, passionate and erotic  movie which should be seen at least two times while it deserves more. It touches your heart. It shows different aspects of sex. I have seen another great movie from this director,  Julio Medem, by the name of The Lovers of the Arctic Circle or "Amantes del Círculo Polar, Los". "Sex and Lucia" is the best passionate erotic movie which I have ever seen .

"Nirgendwo in Afrika"  OR "Nowhere in Africa" (German, 2001): Nice story! Part of history! Story of a Jewish couple who feed Nazi Regime to the Africa.

Amelie from Montmartre" OR "Amélie" (France, 2001): It tastes French! Different style of life! People can see the world in very different ways.

"Cidade de Deus" OR "City of God" (2002, Brazil): How you can be successful in an awful environment? What does safety mean? This movies is based on the real story of a child (become photographer later) who was grown up in a very dangerous part of Rio de Janeiro. Understand the value of safety.

Secretary (2002): Based on really open minded story. Brave director! People have very complex needs, you should consider the needs. You should see yourself by details.  Sex is mostly a psychological phenomenon  than a physical phenomenon.

Human Stain (2003): Never ever forget who you are! Don't cut your history, don't escape your past. Nicole Kidman did a great job in this movie!

House of Sand and Fog (2003- Official site): Immigration to the new society is not an easy job! It shows some of the aspects of a Persian family and its culture. You should not hide the reality forever. It is about an immigrant Iranian family in LA and their problems.

 " Mystic River (2003): Children are really vulnerable. You should keep them safe. One bad happening can change their life forever. You should not decide fast for significant subjects. I love Sean Penn performance here also. He got Oscar for his performance in this movie.

"The Barbarian Invasions" or "Invasions barbares, Les" (Canada/France 2003): One of my best favorite movie. Some times different people can touch each other very gently. How can we make the death tasteful? It is about the wonderful relation of Québécois father and son.

Crash (2004): People don't know themselves well. Some times it is hard to see very close distances. How the racism beliefs can make the society worse.  It is about some awful aspects of life in LA.

Cinderella Man (2005): If you want good life you should get it, you should fight for that. So fight for the Family. Russell Crowe did a great job here again.


Comments about some of the movies which I really like:  

Psycho (1960): Great horror able movie by Alfred Hitchcock. He is famous for directing these kinds of movies. The best subject for generating horror is a psycho man.

Taxi Driver (1976): Every one want to be special! Even he is not different. Being alone is one of the worst thing that can happen to human being. It is like poison for the human brain. This film is one of the bests of 70s.

Full Metal Jacket (1987): Taste of war! It tastes really awful! Another masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick.

Where is the friend home? (1987, Persian movie by Abbas Kiarostami): Definition of friendship for a kid. Great movie by Abbas Kiarostami.

Salaam Bombay! (India, 1988): Special Indian movie! Effects of poorness in the society. It is really different from typical Indian movies which you see typically in the TVs.

Lost in the Barrens (Canada, 1990): Every one loves the Dances with Wolves will love this one also. Different cultures, different beauty! It is about the amazing friendship between a white boy and an Indian boy which is made during the nice story.

Ju Dou (Chinese, 1991): It shows how the traditional culture can destroy lives and hurt human being, specially women! It is about the drama life of a woman in the early twenty century at the small village in China.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): First I saw it when I was 14 and I was really amazed by the movie. Now I like it less than that time but I still think it is a well written science fiction story and the players were professional. I think it is one of the most exciting science fiction movie ever made.

Unforgiven (1992): How love could change the western cowboy life and made him totally different person! It is about the complex and mysterious life and character of retired western gunman. Great plays by Clint Eastwood & Morgan Freeman..

Groundhog Day (1993): To accomplish some objectives we need to repeat one day lots of times! It is a funny fictional dramatic movie of a weatherman boring life!

Kolya (Czech Republic, 1996): Amazing! How a five years old child can shake the old man life in its good way. Some times people can be shocked by themselves.

Leily is with me (1996, Persian): It is so funny! You should have lived Iran to understand what is happening there.

Donnie Brasco (1997): Great performance by both Al Pacino & Johnny Depp. It is about the cop (Johnny Depp) who entered in a Mafia group.

The Lovers of the Arctic Circle or "Amantes del Círculo Polar, Los" (Spanish, 1998): Amazing love relation between two step brother and sister! But end of movie is really tragic.

American Beauty (1999): The lack of sex and love can destroy life. It criticizes different aspects of American society.

The Sixth Scene (1999): Great fictional mysterious horror able movie with wonderful plays!

Fight Club (1999): If you do not have any fear, you can shock the world as well as yourself!

Va Savoir (French, 2001): Great performance of players in the romantic dramatic movie with lots of French taste!

In the bedroom (2001): Good drama movie.

Lost and Delirious (Canada, 2001): Sex is a really complex need.

Sweet November (2001, website): Wow, it is really nice movie. Keanu Reeves did a great job here. Really beautiful romance movie. How a girl can shake up a business style man life.

The Son's Room or "Stanza del figlio, La "(Italian, 2001): Wow, lovely warm Italian family movie. Life is not predictable.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001): You can enjoy life in any situation. It is up to you!

The pledge (2001): One of the best mystery movie. I love  Jack Nicholson play.

"Sag Koshi" or Dog killing (2001, Persian movie by Bahram Beyzaee): Great story and excellent players! Some times you define yourself in the goal you are perusing. People sometimes taste really awful.

Treed Murray (2001): Different people, different experiences! People are different from what they want to show or what they believe they are! Nice conversations are put in this movie.

Lord of the Rings (2001, 2002, 2003): Great adventurous movie! The revolution of computer in cinema!

Insomnia (2002): Great play by Al Pacino! Saying lie can be a poison for a life.

Unfaithful (2002): Great power of sex! Believe it, learn it and use it! Sometimes one mistake costs life!  

Respiro (Italy,  2002): Small City! Small minds! It is about the life of non typical lady in a small traditional town in Italy.

Gangs of New York (2002): Unbelievable history of USA!

The pianist (2002, link1, link2): Not new subject but very nice dramatic movie! Life is not predictable! You should fight severely to become over the obstacles. It is about the life of Jewish pianist during the World War II. 

Red Satin (Tunisia, 2002): Shows the effects of traditional culture on a widow life. Beautiful dramatic musical movie regarding the relationship of mother and daughter at the absent of father in the traditional society! 

One hour photo (2002): Family! Family and Family! Some times you don't understand the value of what you have, but others know.

Thirteen (2003): Adolescence time is one of the most critical part of life. Parents are really responsible for that.

21 Grams (2003): Nice drama movie! Another great performance of Sean Penn. How people can be connected to each other.

Before Sunset (2004): Some times you do not understand your chances. When you miss something you will understand it much better. If you have a chance to go back what would you do. It is about the deep conversation between old time lovers.

The Door in the Floor (2004): Really beautifully directed! Exciting drama story!

Secret Window (2004): Great drama horror movie! Great play by Johnny Depp. Sometimes people can not believe who they are.