Pride Parade in Toronto


The pride parade is one of the most famous Toronto festivals. This festival attracts hundreds of thousands tourists to Toronto each Summer and it is a celebration of diversity in Toronto and LGBT culture.  The pride parade is part of the pride week of Toronto, which is being held ends of June and it is one of the world largest gay pride festivals. The parade and the festival events are held mainly along the Yonge street and Church-Wellesley village .

Almost all of these photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

  • 01-Pride parade Toronto.JPG02-Pride parade Toronto.JPG03-Liberals Pride parade Toronto.JPG04-Liberal party in the pride parade.JPG05-Bob Rae in the parade.JPG06-Gerard Kennedy.JPG07-Mayor David Miller in the parade.JPG08-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG09-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG10-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG11-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG12-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG13-NDP Pride Parade Toronto.JPG14-Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.JPG15-Elizabeth May leader of Green party.JPG16-.JPG17-.JPG18-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG19-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG20-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG22-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG23-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG24-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG25-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG26-Police in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG27-.JPG

    28-Fire fighters in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG29-.JPG30-Army in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG31-CP24 in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG32-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG33-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG34-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG35-.JPG36-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG37-.JPG38-.JPG40-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG41-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG42-.JPG43-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG44-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG45-.JPG46-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG47-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG48-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG49-.JPG50-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG51-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG52-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG53-.JPG54-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG55-Large flag in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG56-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG57-.JPG58-.JPG60-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG61-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG62-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG63-.JPG64-.JPG65-Cirque Du Soleil in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG66-Cirque Du Soleil in Pride Parade Toronto.JPG67-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG68-Pride Parade Toronto.JPG69-Pride Parade Toronto Concert.JPG70-.JPG71-Church street and Pride Parade Toronto.JPG72-Live music at Church street.JPG

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