Stratford, Ontario

These photos were taken by myself (Hanif)

Stratford is a very beautiful, cultural city, which is located around 150km far from Toronto. This city is famous for Stratford Shakespeare festival, its wonderful restaurants, and its very beautiful parks. Its beautiful buildings and its wonderful nature beside its very nice restaurants make Stratford an ideal target for tourists. 


01-Stratford Courthouse.JPG02-.JPG03-Freeland fountain.JPG04-Stratford Ontario.JPG05-Victoria Lake.JPG06-.JPG07-Statues in Stratford.JPG08-beautiful stratford.JPG09-Stratford Courthouse.JPG10-queen's jubilee in Stratford.JPG11-Victoria Lake in Stratford.JPG12-Victoria Lake in Stratford.JPG13-Reflection on Victoria Lake in Stratford.JPG14-.JPG15-Swans at Victoria Lake in Stratford.JPG16-sir john cunningham mclennan home.JPG17-Swans.JPG18-Stratford Swans.JPG19-.JPG20-.JPG21-Black Swan.JPG22-sir john cunningham mclennan home.JPG23-Stratford in Ontario.JPG24-Stratford city hall.JPG25-.JPG26-Stratford court house.JPG27-Perth County Courthouse.JPG28-Perth County Courthouse.JPG29-shakespeare gardens.JPG30-shakespeare gardens.JPG

31-Stratford.JPG32-.JPG33-.JPG34-shakespearean gardens.JPG35-.JPG36-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG37-.JPG38-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG39-shakespearean gardens in Stratford.JPG40-.JPG41-Beautiful Stratford.JPG42-Stratford Nature.JPG43-.JPG44-Stratford Ontario.JPG45-.JPG46-Stratford City hall.JPG47-.JPG48-Stratford Swans.JPG49-Sunset in Stratford.JPG50-Stratford festival theatre.JPG51-.JPG52-.JPG53-.JPG

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