Toronto Photos


Toronto Views (NEW)


 1. Roland having Baghali Polo near Young St.


2. After having delicious Koobideh Kebab.


3.  Roland & I


4. Building near downtown Toronto.




5. Surrounded by tall buildings in downtown. Most of them are banks.


6. Downtown Toronto


7. In the antique bookstore. The magazine in my hand belongs to 1927!!!


8. 999$ book!!! I think it belongs to early 1920th .


9. Marc in CN tower but at first level!


10. It is clear!

11.  Overview from top of CN tower.


12. looking at sea deeply.


13.  Another overview from CN tower.


14. I am over frightening glass. My distance is more than 400m from earth surface.


15. WOW! Where I was! Confirm it by yourself.


16. I am over frightening glass in another position. My distance is more than 400m from earth surface.


17. Excited Hanif! Why Roland was laughing;)


18. Another overview!


19. Clear! Marc was excited too;)


20. Again in CN tower but with ...


21. Hanif at Second cup!


22. Hanif near the Much music studio.


23. When there was no one to take group photo of us!


Toronto Views (NEW)